Friday, April 8, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

Every spring sorority mothers flock to Lawrence to spend some quality time with their daughters. Many of our chapters have either celebrated Mom's Weekend last weekend or are getting ready to celebrate this weekend.

Each chapter usually has a few fun things planned as a group and then some free time just to hang out with Mom. Mom's and their daughters can always be found shopping on Mass St. or even, like these Delta Delta Deltas, at a KU Baseball game!

As sorority women, Moms tend to be a big part of our lives! So if you and your Mom are looking for ideas to spend time together and support your sorority at the same time, we suggest looking at the Sorority Parents blog for tips! also has great information for parents on any topic related to Greek Life. But, we thought we'd share with you some of our favorite ideas.

The following ideas were posted on International Badge Day, but they can really apply to everyday! Visit to read the full article.

"My daughter is coming home next week. So I started thinking, what we could do together.  After all, we are our own little Panhellenic-she an AOII and me a ZTA.Here is what we have come up with to promote Panhellenic spirit.
  • Since we can’t have matching letters, we have decided to select a “family pattern” and have a set of sewn letters made in that pattern.  I haven’t had sewn letters in years and I am excited to have a pair that represent our family.  Even cooler, this was her idea!  And should my younger daughter decide to go Greek, she can then get a shirt with the same pattern.  Heck, we may get a set for my husband with DAD!
  • We are looking for a way to volunteer our time to some cause or organization that might need help-a food bank or a clothing donations center.  Just something we can do together to give back.
  • We are definitely going to get dressed up and put on those shiny badges.  Its been a long time since she and I went to lunch together (other than Chick-Fil-A). So we will go somewhere a little more formal and dine like ladies.
I love that I get to share this experience with my daughter.  And I hope the traditions we start become long standing in our family!"

Is your mom in a Panhellenic chapter? What are your favorite things to with your mom?

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