Monday, April 11, 2011

April is Advisor Appreciation Month

Advisors are often the lifeblood of our organizations. They provide a constant to our ever changing executive and leadership boards. They offer advice and comfort to our over-worked and over-stressed leaders. They make sure the chapter stays a well-oiled machine and they double-check every detail. They are our friends, our support and our sisters. They do so much for us behind the scenes, that this month we need to put them center stage. Take the time to thank your advisors this month. They donate their time so that we can have an amazing collegiate experience. Thanks advisors!

National Panhellenic Conference has declared April as Advisor Appreciation month and they have provided a list of 30 ways to thank an advisor. We have picked our top ten and posted them here! These small gestures are easy ways to show you care. For more information on National Advisor Appreciation month visit

Top Ten Ways to Thank Your Advisor

1.    Send a heartfelt e-mail with personal details about how an advisor has made an impact.
2.    Throw a small surprise luncheon in recognition of advisor service.
3.    Feature National Advisor Appreciation Month on your website.
4.    Write a profile on a special advisor, and submit it to your sorority magazine for possible publication.
5.    Offer to provide free childcare for advisors with children for a personal night off.
6.    Personally deliver a single flower to your advisor.
7.    Send an e-mail or thank you note to an advisor’s supervisor.
8.    At a chapter meeting write thank you notes and notes of appreciation to your  advisors.
9.    Sponsor a dinner for your chapter advisors and Panhellenic administrative staff.
10.   Purchase a small Panhellenic gift or sorority-themed gift for your advisors. 

How have your Advisors helped you or your chapter? What are you doing this month to show your appreciation?

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