Monday, February 21, 2011

A Tradition of Service

We all know that the University of Kansas is a school of traditions. Our university was founded upon the well-known (and deserved!) "dislike" of our neighbors to the east. KU established some traditions of our own: the waving of the wheat, “Beware of the Phog,” and, my personal favorite, James Naismith's greatest sport of all time --basketball!

Being a member of the Panhellenic community, I am no stranger to tradition. The very pillars that uphold our Greek system are resting upon timeless traditions and practices of service, scholarship, leadership and sisterhood.

Another tradition of KU is Rock Chalk Revue. Although not born at KU (we stole it from K-State and made it better), this annual event has become KU's most creative and philanthropic tradition. Each year paired Greek houses write and produce the annual satirical musical revue as well as fill leadership and fundraising roles.

I personally could not dance or sing in front of one other person, so obviously I would not be able to perform in front of the 5,000 Rock Chalk Revue audience members that have been attending every year for the last 62 years. But I wanted to be a part of this legacy. So I chose to get involved in a different way: I interviewed to be part of the Rock Chalk Revue Advisory Board.

My experience on the Rock Chalk Revue Ad Board as the Alumni Relations Coordinator has opened many doors for me. I was thrown into endless networking possibilities with hundreds of former Rock Chalk Revue alumni. I met new people (the other Ad Boarders) and quickly learned to rely on them to help me complete my position's tasks. We've had a great year! It's hard work, but the entire Rock Chalk Revue Ad Board has witnessed the development of this year's shows from the "theme reveal" night and it's truly amazing how it's turned out!

I wouldn't have had the experience to contribute to such an amazing organization without my Panhellenic involvement. KU is fortunate to have a dynamic group of Panhellenic women to foster community involvement to all women within the 13 Panhellenic chapters. Rock Chalk Revue is just one opportunity to fulfill the pillar of service in the Lawrence community. KU's Panhellenic Association makes it easy to get involved in both the KU community and the Lawrence community.

I was able to learn about my non-dancing opportunity within Rock Chalk Revue through my Panhellenic sisters. Involvement in the community, either philanthropic or social, is rewarding because I know that I use my time to better the lives of those in the same community. My participation in both Rock Chalk Revue and the Panhellenic Association has enabled me to network with alumni and students, build confidence in my communication and leadership ability, and to be a strong part of an exceptional KU tradition!
-- Laura is a senior Kappa Kappa Gamma majoring in Journalism emphasis in Strategic Communications

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