Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Greek, Go Lead

Regardless of the reasons that you have heard for going Greek, I know one thing to be true: Greek life cultivates your ability to lead.
In my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, I have had the honor to serve as Philanthropy Co-chair, Panhellenic Delegate, and, most recently, Assistant Vice President of Recruitment. Serving on our chapter’s Executive Board as well as a delegate for Panhellenic Association gave me insight on the structure and complex decision-making processes of the two large, semi-autonomous organizations.
My Greek involvement has served as a perfect complement to the numerous campus activities I have participated in. They range from leadership organizations, community service, scholastic organizations, and social justice groups. I became involved in many of these organizations simply by being a curious freshman and attending many campus events. However, I was comforted by talking to my older sorority sisters, who had also been in some of the organizations I considered joining and highly recommended my participation.
Student Senate, in particular, I would not have known about had it not been for my sorority sisters encouraging me to run in the upcoming election. I was skeptical at first, but quickly became enamored with the wide range of people I was engaging in conversations with throughout the university. This enjoyment translated into my senate seat and more opportunities for involvement on campus. It also led to my nomination and election as Vice President for my coalition, KUnited. I am still grateful for the immense support I received from the Greek community and the continuous love and help I received during the election from my sorority sisters.
The opportunities and knowledge I have gained while serving as Student Body Vice President have transformed my experience at KU. I have met motivated student leaders, dedicated administrators, and made so many friends along the way. It has also taught me so much about leadership, communication, organization, and, of course, time management. I know that my decision to join Alpha Chi Omega and my subsequent involvement in the chapter and the Greek Community strengthened my leadership abilities and gave me the confidence to get more involved and become a campus leader. So Go Greek, Go Lead.

-Megan is a junior Alpha Chi Omega, majoring in Philosophy and International Studies

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