Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beta Chi Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau

Happy Birthday to the women of Sigma Delta Tau here at KU! The national Sigma Delta Tau chartered the KU colony as the Beta Chi Chapter on May 5, 1985. In the fall of 1987 they aquired their current house at 1625 Edgehill Road. The sixteen women who founded the Beta Chi chapter were:

  1. Julie Ables
  2. Robyn Levine                             
  3. Brenda Ashner        
  4. Amy Mandelmen
  5. Fay Feldman            
  6. Lori Nuddelman
  7. Jodi Harris                
  8. Charlotte Ross
  9. Robyn Hart               
  10. Janice Sherry
  11. Lori Kagan               
  12. Michelle Weisman
  13. Lindley Kimbrough    
  14. Jill Zakon
  15. Wendy Kirsch           
  16. Lisa Zurovsky
 The first Sigma Delta Tau chapter was founded at Cornell University in 1917 by seven women. These women decided to form their own Greek Chapter because most of the seven women had experienced the subtle discrimination practiced against religious minorities at the time.

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