Monday, January 3, 2011

Tips for Surviving Fall Formal Recruitment

Fall Formal Recruitment might be the most intense week of the year. It is full of smiling, heat, dresses, conversations and HUNDREDS of women.
Things to remember:

Make sure you always have a water bottle to take with you, each chapter will have water jugs for you to refill.

You need to eat! Eat breakfast. It will be a long day and breakfast will help give you enough energy to get through the day. Bring snacks, like granola bars in case you get hungry.
-Listen to your recruitment counselors! They are full of information and have been through Recruitment on both sides. They also have backpacks full of things you might need: tampons, snacks, mints... etc.

Dress accordingly to the weather! If it is rainy-- make sure to have an umbrella.

Stay true to who you are.
Recruitment is intimidating, but once you are done... the result is amazing. Once the week is over, you get to meet the women  who will become your closest friends. You begin to become a part of the Greek community, being involved on campus and wearing your letters.
- Courtney is junior Sigma Kappa, majoring in Journalism and History

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